Bro. E. C. Wolcott FOUNDER

The purpose of this non-political, non-sectarian organization is to provide Master Masons opportunities to serve civic, patriotic, and humanitarian causes and institutions through fellowship, interesting programs, and projects. High Twelve was founded in Sioux City, Iowa on May 17, 1921 by a very special citizen, a minister, and a Mason, E.C. “Wallie” Wolcott. Bro. Wolcott passed away in 1975 at the age of 94.

Today, there are over 12,000 members actively having fun, fellowship, and doing good both in their communities and around the world. Although there are international and state-level organizations, the heart of High Twelve is at the local club level. Here, Masons and often their spouses join together either weekly or monthly to have lunch, hear an interesting and informative speaker, take care of some business, and generally just have a enjoyable time.

Most clubs have chosen to support one or more local charities, a youth group, or provide service to the community such as providing wheel chairs and hospital beds as needed. While certainly commendable, weI think one of most exciting charitable endeavors, supported by almost all clubs, is the Wolcott Foundation. At each meeting a club passes around a “Little Red Schoolhouse” to collect a dollar or two from the members.

Annually, this money is forwarded to the Foundation to maintain its endowment. In turn, the Foundation provides Fellowships to graduate students at George Washington University (D.C.) who are taking their degrees in the Elliott School of International Affairs, School of International Business, or School of Public Administration. Depending on endowment earnings in a given year, the Wolcott Foundation provides 10-12 Fellowships, each in the amount of $40,000. This covers the tuition and fees for the recipient’s full Masters Degree. It is not a loan but a grant not to be repaid if the recipient, upon graduation, is employed for the following four years in any level of government service. As you might imagine, the competition for these Fellowships is fierce and the committee continually faces the challenge of carefully evaluating the many applicants.

All Master Masons are invited to attend a High Twelve club meeting and experience what we are all about.

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